How long does it take to install chatbots?

We have done everything to make the integration time of our products as simple as possible and take the minimum amount of time. We have done everything to ensure that the integration time ideally lasts only a few minutes. Depending on the skills of the clients, the time may be different.

Can you help me if I'm not sure that I can integrate the chatbot on my own?

YES! When placing an order, each buyer can choose the option of product integration. We also recorded a number of video instructions that are applicable for self-integration for each bot separately. If you have any doubts about setting up the chatbot yourself after purchase, feel free to contact us via Whatsapp at +36705468395 or email info@scratch2catch.com to order a paid integration.

Collapsible What software do I need to edit the chatbot?

The best part is that you don’t need any special software in order to use SmartSendre via the link https://smartsender.com . The website is available for Windows and iOS computers. Our chatbots make it easier than ever to make your business into an automatic selling machine and will make your business go from mediocre to mind-blowing.

Are the images and texts included?

Yes, for better understanding and clarity, the most universal texts and pictures were used. Funnels are 100% ready for integration, you just need to make the most minimal changes to identify your brand.

Do I need a SmartSender subscription?

Most of our chatbots do not require a paid SmartSender subscription. We tried to create funnels that will work with both free and paid accounts. Regardless of this, for more advanced features of the chatbot, we advise you to choose the minimum tariff plan of the platform.

Will additional instructions be available for to install the chatbot on my own?

Yes, for these purposes we have recorded a number of video instructions that are applicable for each bot separately.

If during the installation process I realize that I can't handle it, can I pay extra for the integration?

If during the installation process you realized that you need help in integrating or finalizing the functionality for your type of business, you can send a task description to our WhatsApp +36705468395 or to email info@scratch2catch.com with the note "Help in integrating the chatbot". Our experts will calculate the cost depending on the complexity of the task.

Can I order the development of a chatbot according to my individual requirements?

Yes, we will be happy to help you implement the tasks you need by creating a separate chatbot script for this, which will be adapted to your needs

What is the cost of custom chatbot development?

The hourly cost of the work of our specialists in the development of individual chatbots varies in the amount of $ 15 per hour.
Approximately the number of hours for the implementation of the chatbot depends on the requirements of the client.