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The only worthy replacement for cumbersome and expensive sites for stores!

Chatbot helps improve customer service, optimize costs, increase customer loyalty

Customers can make purchases simply from their messenger Telegram or Viber from their phone

❗️All this and many other cool features in our virtual store, which is implemented on the basis of a chatbot❗️
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Chatbot for HR and recruiting

Helps automate recruitment and save time24/7 will collect the necessary data from the candidate and transfer them in a convenient way
Answers frequently asked questions about the company, open vacancies and working conditions

automatization of routine HR tasks

How can a recruiter bot help attract candidates for a vacant position?


benefits of using a chatbot

Automate the selection of candidates in the chatbot - increase the efficiency of recruitment!

With HR chabot you don't need to stop promotion of your vacancies

Stop wasting time!
Let your business works 24/7, 365 days a year!

What can do this chatbot

  • Separates the products into categories
  • Adds or remove the products from shopping cart
  • Сhange the quantity of any goods in the shopping cart
  • Сlear all the products from the shopping cart completely
  • Сollects buyer's contact information for delivery
  • Reports order data and client data to managers in private messages and groups in telegram
  • Saves order data in Google sheets
  • Assigning a unique number to each order
  • Live chat for the clients with the store managerReminders about abandoned carts and customer returns







Payment and download of the template bot template

Script adaptation for your project

Access transfer and detailed instruction for client

Further support of the project upon request

Who uses chatbots

Large enterprises

 Medium and small business 

Non-commercial organizations


  • Segmentation of goods by groups, categories, and subcategories, which can change and adapt to the needs of an individual store
  • The ability to create an unlimited number of products in the store, taking into account segmentation
  • Tags for segmentation and tracking of user actions within the chatbot funnel
  • Shopping cart with the possibility of editing the order before payment
  • Integrated payment system right in the chatbot
  • Transfer of orders to a group and personal messages of store managers
  • Ability to create unique notifications, coupons, and other tips for customers attraction

This is not the whole list of advantages of this solution.Thanks to the chatbot, the store owner can engage customers in repeat purchases, remind them of abandoned carts, send promotional offers to customers, personalized gifts, and much more!Stop wasting time!Let your store make a profit 24/7, 365 days a year!



  • WORKS 24/7, 365 days a year
  • Saves labor and financial resources
  • Tags for segmentation and tracking of user actions within the chatbot funnel
  • Offers a wide range of products
  • Manage the number of items in the shopping cart
  • Automatically calculate the cost of goods
  • Process data for delivery


Anna Frankо

Head of HR Department

savings per month $9,400
application processing +350%
offer price ÷10

We are an international project, and the main direction - hiring English translators to work on the websites. We recruit about 4,000 - 6,000 employees every month. We worked according to the classic recruiting system with calls and recruiter department and our maximum result was about 1,200-1,600 applications per month that were in 3 times less than we were needed and here including high bills for paying for telephony and the recruiting department.
Vita suggested that we use a chatbot to solve this problem. We were very skeptical because 3 years ago we knew almost nothing about chatbots. Vita paid special attention to our project and prepared a special presentation in which she calculated the possible cost of each application, the geography of scaling, and the financial benefit for the company. We were very impressed with the numbers, but in practice, everything turned out even better than predicted. Vita really turned out to be as close as possible to the result. We have been using chatbots for 3 years now, we have optimized the company's financial expenses, and the number of applications per month and their conversion has grown 10 times without exaggeration, while we have reached the lowest advertising cost. We are very grateful to Vita for her unique approach and sometimes persistence because she was able to radically change our approach and her solution with chatbots brought the company to a completely different level.

Leonid Dorosh

Web Designer

Accounts engagement +643%
Accounts reached +575%

I am an influencer on Instagram. Having a huge number of subscribers, various advertising integrations and the need to conduct various activities for subscribers in their personal account, the chatbot has become an indispensable solution. By creating a chatbot, I don't have to hire an order manager directly, which saves me a lot of money. The chatbot works 24/7 and seven days a week, which provides an instant response to each user in case of activity among my subscribers. Consequently, I was able to increase the number of sales not only for my advertisers, give out checklists to my subscribers, but also significantly increase my account statistics.

Maria Holovatska

Fintech PM

automation of processing applications + 200%

Our company works in the cryptocurrency niche. Our main problem was quick communication with our clients to issue funds in different parts of the world. Vita offered us a very cool solution with chatbots. Thus, we closed about a dozen different issues thanks to its development. We also noted her approach to building the logic of the bot, it seems that she thoroughly knows all the nuances of any business area. It is immediately felt that a person has tremendous experience and a broad outlook, which greatly simplifies the interaction and reduces the time of project implementation. We are pleased to continue cooperation with Vita in other areas of our business.

There is no point in expensive sites, and development teams anymore to keep your store alive.This chatbot of an online store for selling various goods in messengers was created on the example of a tea shop.



  • Maximum automation of most routine business processes
  • Works 24/7 without the need to attract additional labor resources
  • No need to create an expensive website and maintain a development team
  • Helps to interact with customers or subscribers without using additional mailing services
  • Flexibility and simplicity, if necessary, to change or supplement a working chatbot funnel for a store or other services
  • Reduces the cost of advertising to attract customersIncreasing loyalty and improving the quality of customer service
  • Makes the store as convenient and attractive as possible for repeat purchase

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